Where to get the best cherry juice

When looking for the best cherry juice, one must appreciate the fact that the best usually consists of a juice that is all natural, contains no artificial additives, is organic and is 100% pure. Tart cherry juice comes in fresh juice form and concentrate, choosing the best one can depend on what you plan to use it for and keep in mind that fresh, concentrate and even capsules are all commonly referred to as juice.

Organic and natural cherry juices are the best types available but you may be wondering what makes a fruit organic or natural?

What Is Organic Fruit and What Are It’s Benefits?

Organic means derived from living matter or produced without the use of chemicals, fertilizers and other artificial chemicals. Organic fruit is produced by organic farming using natural methods to cultivate and grow each particular fruit. This method is considered a safe way to consume food.

Organic cherry juice is not genetically modified and the cherries are grown with minimal interference from mankind. One of the biggest health benefits of organic cherry juice is the fact it comes from completely raw material. Fresh organic cherries can increase overall health, they contain more vitamins and nutrients than genetically modified cherries.

The organic fruit industry will often label fresh cherry juice as natural, organic and 100% but this is not to be mistaken for “freshly pressed” which is a popular misconception. Freshly pressed cherry juice gets this label according to strictly defined standards set by the trading industry. This type of cherry juice can contain additives and is not always organic or natural. The term usually means that the cherries are pressed, pasteurized and bottled in the same day, not that they were freshly pressed the day before you bought them. They usually contain preservatives because they will be packed, shipped and stored for several weeks.

Where Can I Find Freshly Pressed Cherry Juice that has minimal additives?

If you are wondering where to buy cherry juice or freshly pressed cherry juice in particular; a good place to look is www.lakewoodjuices.com They offer organic, freshly pressed, pure black cherry juice. It is GMO free and has the Fresh Pressed trademark so you know it is authentic to what the product claims. Lakewood Organic Fresh Pressed Black Cherry Juice is grown and harvested in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program. It has no preservatives and no additives either!