The Montmorency Cherry

Montmorency Cherries

The Montmorency cherries originally came from France. Nowadays they are also cultivated in Canada and USA, especially in Michigan. This great blessing of nature belongs to the tart cherry family, hence they come with all the health benefits associated with tart cherries. It is not surprising therefore that Michigan alone produces 9000 tons per year in order to cover the inexhaustible demand for them. These cherries find their way into all sorts of products, not just raw eating. Amongst these products the most preferred and delicious one is the Montmorency tart cherry juice.

Montmorency cherries owe their name to place they were discovered first, in a valley in Montmorency, France. They are not just a simple fruit, but considered by many a power fruit with the ability to cure multiple diseases. These cherries are of light red color, unlike other sour cherries. Despite being sour, they are said to taste better than cherries of the same kind, especially if you put in a spoon of sugar or two. This also applies for Montmorency cherry juice concentrate, a popular high density consumption form for better transportation, that can be diluted further to suit one’s own taste.

The ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) of these cherries is very high making them effective antioxidant suppliers. Antioxidants are useful in catching harmful free radicals that would otherwise cause all kinds of damage leading to (mainly) heart diseases and cancer.

Antioxidants are not the only substances that make these cherries valuable. The health benefit of Montmorency cherry juice for example rather comes from the combination with nutrients and other substances such as vitamins and dietary fibers; otherwise you could be just taking a tablet or something. Vitamin A and C are good for the immunity system in a general sense preventing many diseases such as scurvy, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, gout… Dietary fibers help with digestion and reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol, which is responsible for various diseases too.

The products of Montmorency cherries are used by many customers because of its unique medical properties and delicious taste. The customers are usually satisfied and call it a fine diet supplement. Their reviews mostly talked about the surprisingly good taste (despite being sour) and health uses of these cherries. Many believe in the Montmorency cherry juice health benefits not just out of scientific reports, but on account of feeling momentarily refreshed after eating a handful of these cherries or drinking a glass of its juice.