Kinds Of Sweet Cherry

Sweet cherries are a highly popular category of cherry that are best eaten fresh. Some varieties of sweet cherry include the black cherry and the bing cherry. Sweet cherries are in season for a few months from May to August. Sweet cherries are usually bigger than sour or tart cherries, and have a firm flesh which can be eaten raw. While sweet cherries are great eaten raw as a snack, they also work well in cooking recipes.

Black Tartarian Cherry

This is a popular species of sweet cherry tree, which produces a large and dark cherry of an almost purple-black colour. The flesh of the cherry will be red, juicy and fleshy and separates from the cherry stone with ease. This cherry tree is popular for home orchards as it will bear fruit just three or four years after planting and will continue to do so well into it’s old age. The cherries of the Black Tartarian tree will be ripe from mid June to early July and will have a diameter of about one inch. Originally introduced in 1794 from Russia to England, this cherry was long called Ronald’s Large Black Heart, named after Hugh Ronalds who brought over the tree. It was then introduced to the United States in the 1800’s where it rapidly gained popularity among sweet cherries.

Black Cherry

This cherry is native throughout north America, and can be found in eastern Canada, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Mexico. The fruit of the black cherry tree is widely used for making jams, pies and desserts as well as for flavouring liquors, sodas and chocolate. It is also used to make cherry juice. The black cherry is the most widely available and widely used native cherry which is ripe during the late summer/early fall months of August, September, and even into October in some cases.

Bing Cherry

This cherry was crossbred by Seth Lewelling from Oregon and Ah Bing from Manchuria in 1875. It is named after its co-creator and is now the most produced sweet cherry in the United States. Bing cherries are large, firm and dark, and are high in anti-oxidants which means they are great for juicing. They are best grown in dry climates which is why they have adapted well to life in the Pacific Northwest.

Stella Cherry

The stella cherry tree yields large sized fruit and was the first self-fertile cherry to be developed. The stella cherry has a rich flavour and juicy flesh, and ripens early between mid June and mid July. It is an excellent sweet cherry to be eaten fresh or to be turned into cherry juice.