Concentrated Cherry Juice

Concentrated Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is highly regarded as a super food with a plethora of health benefits, it is believed that drinking a glass of cherry juice per day can give the same health benefits as eating 23 portions of fruit and vegetables. 250 ml of cherry juice concentrate is potentially healthier than five portions of tomatoes, peas, carrots, banana or watermelon.

How is Cherry Juice Concentrate Made?

When cherries reach their ripened stage they are picked and prepped for a juice extraction process. Machines designed to peel and core the cherries remove pieces of fruit that are not needed in the concentrate.  The fruit flesh gets pressed and squeezed then the juices are filtered into a large mixing container. The cherries are then pasteurized, other chemicals are added from natural sources and fruits to bulk up the consistency of the cherry juice concentrate.

The dilute cherry juice then receives a heat treatment which evaporates most of the water out of the mixture. This process depletes the liquid but keeps the flesh of the fruit. The flavour is further enhanced with reverse osmosis and is then suitable for packaging, freezing, shipping and storage.

What Is in Cherry Juice Concentrate That Makes it So Valuable?

Cherry juice contains powerful antioxidants that benefit the human body in a number of ways. Antioxidants target damaging molecules within the body known as free radicals. These antioxidants can help prevent heart disease, cancer, strokes and aging. A research team led by Dr Robert Verkerk compared the antioxidant levels of 25ml concentrated cherry juice with other foods and vegetables.

The results were published in Nutritional Practitioner and the research was conclusive in proving the potency of concentrated cherry juice. The study tested the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC levels and compared them. The ORAC level of cherry juice was 8260; much higher than 1790 for other fruit and vegetables.

Leading nutritionist Patrick Holford claims that the longest-living people in the world have a high daily consumption of antioxidants. This number can be as much as 6000 ORAC units a day. It is believed that eating cherries does not have the same effect. The results were tested on the U.S – grown Montmorency tart cherry.

Another great benefit of concentrating cherry juice is that no nutritional value is lost in the process, meaning that cherry juice concentrate is still very effective and potent.

How Else Can Concentrated Cherry Juice Be Enjoyed?

There are many ways cherry juice concentrate can be enjoyed. There are some very popular dishes and recipes including

  • Sunburst cherry blossom pie
  • Cherry and almond tart
  • Cherry berry smoothies
  • Turkey cutlet with tart cherry sauce