Cherry Extracts and Supplements

Cherry extract is created by soaking cherries in alcohol to draw out the flavour and the aroma. Most commonly the extract is used in desserts and drinks and can be purchased from the supermarket; however it is relatively easy to make at home using a simple technique. Sweet and tart cherry extract also contains properties which make them of great benefit from a health perspective.

The Process

To make the cherry extract you need a clear alcoholic substance, most people choose vodka. Firstly you must remove the stems and pits from the cherries, then fill a jar with the cherries and pour in the vodka until all the cherries are covered. The jar should be covered and stored in a cool dark place. It should be left for 2 weeks to ferment before being poured into a mixing bowl. The overriding smell should be of cherry, if this is the case then you can strain the cherries. The resulting liquid is the cherry extract.

The Benefits

Cherry extract, cherry supplements and cherry tablets provide some significant health benefits. These range from the prevention of gout, to the ability to fight inflammation. The cherry is rich in anti-oxidants which are known to have excellent effects on the immune system and body in general.

Cherry Extract Tablets

Cherry extract comes in both liquid form and tablet form. The tablets are known as cherry supplements and are an excellent source of anti-oxidants, potassium, anthocyanins and melatonin. These tablets usually contain only natural ingredients and are used as an additional source of goodness in tandem with a well-balanced diet.


There are few people who wouldn’t benefit from taking one cherry supplement tablet per day, but they are particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and general joint problems, as well as those that participate in rigorous sporting activities. Also they can stave off illness due to their effect on the immune system. For gout sufferers in particular, they can have a tremendous effect on their condition, and they are also of benefit to those with heart conditions as well as those suffering from cancer.

In essence, dietary supplements can often be questioned as to their effectiveness and the strange side effects that some people experience. There is no current medical evidence that suggests that the cherry supplements provide anything other than positive health benefits. No side effects have been reported from the consumption of cherry supplements.