Cherry products

Dried cherry products

Dried cherries are particularly versatile as an ingredient, particularly for a fruit, and they are used in both savoury and dessert dishes across various cultures throughout the world.

From beef casserole, roasted pheasant and lamb, to chocolate cake and sticky buns the dried cherry provides culinary compliments to a wide range of dishes.

How are cherries dried?

The first thing to do when drying cherries is to de-seed or pit them. This is done by splitting them open and removing the pip, however, this can be a lengthy process and is best undertaken with a cherry pitter. The most common practice for the actual drying of cherries involves an initial 20 second dip in boiling water containing sodium carbonate before a rinse in cool water. This is done to speed up the entire drying process. Once this is done they are usually left in the sun for 3 or 4 days and then oven cooked for 30 minutes to kill any bacteria, or alternatively they are placed in an oven at a low heat for 24 hours.

Many people choose dried cherries as they don’t go bad as fresh ones would, yet they retain a lot of their flavour.

Freezing cherries

Obviously cherries aren´t in season all year round, and we often require their use during winter for Christmas cakes and desserts, so by freezing them we can guarantee they retain most of their freshness and flavour. Frozen tart cherries or sweet cherries can be bought ready frozen from the supermarket, or pitted, washed and frozen in sealed bags at home from fresh. Of course the one disadvantage when freezing any food is that you have to wait for it to thaw before cooking, and you technically aren´t consuming the food when it is at its most fresh, however the difference to flavour for most of us is negligible.

Other uses

Dried cherries are also found in Cherry Pulver which is a German Sports Performance drink in powder form made by Carboo4u. This is mixed with water to aid muscle growth and recovery times for athletes performing at a high level in their particular field. The fact that the cherry skin contains invaluable anti-oxidants makes it a fantastic ingredient for athletes as it aids muscle recovery. Mostly it would be consumed either before or after exercise.

As a versatile fruit, the cherry has a variety of uses and can also be found in hand creams, scented candles, air fresheners and soaps.