Cherries in pies and in marmalade

Cherries are a popular ingredient in pies or tarts. A sour cherry tart for example would serve as a delicious and healthy dessert after dinner or can be eaten as a snack during coffee break. Depending on the pie, there can be many ways to make one and prepare the cherries accordingly. In this article we will cover two basic points that will be helpful in making cherry pies, tarts or cakes.

  • First you need to choose whether you want to employ sweet or tart cherries. Traditionally you will find more tart cherry pie recipes than sweet ones because sweet cherries are usually there to be eaten directly. The pure sour taste of fresh tart cherries does not suit most people, but in combination with sugar or if incorporated in pies or drinks, it is a welcomed fresh taste of sour just like lemons. Typical tart cherries for this purpose are the ones already discussed in previous articles like Black cherries, Montmorency cherries etc… Tarts with sweet cherries would lack this refreshing sourness, but it is really your choice to tailor the remaining composition of your tart to your liking. For sweet cherry pies, cherries like Bing, Tular, Rainier etc… are recommended.
  • We certainly agree that all tart cherry recipes, not just pies and cakes, would benefit from the freshness of its ingredients, but still there is the question of which form you like to use the cherries in. There are actually three forms which define the characteristics of your cherry pie. The first is to use whole pitted cherries. If you want your bite to occasionally hit the local wholesome taste of a cherry, this would be the obvious choice. It is also chosen for aesthetic purposes as you display your cherries on top of your tart or cake. For even more varied taste and aesthetics, your cherry tart can include other fruits too. The second form is more uniform and fluid. You grind your cherries to a pulp and use this mixture in a cake base or as a separate pie layer.  Here you will have a more episodic experience with your cake or pie. The third option is even more fluid. You will utilize a cherry extract (see previous article for more information) as a kind of sauce to literally put the icing on the cake. Not only is this wonderful to the eye, it also produces a different feel of taste when fluid cherry sauce penetrates the solid phases of the cake.

How can cherry marmalade be made?

Marmalade is a healthy alternative to put on your morning bread. The basic principle is that a sugared cherry mush is heated up to kill off micro organisms so that it can be stored and used for a long time. The following is a recipe to produce such jam.


Cherries (4 cups), sugar, water, lemon juice

Recipe for cherry marmalade:

  • Wash and pit the cherries.
  • Put them in cold water with lemon juice (1/4 cup)
  • Mince your cherries then add 2.5 cup of sugar or according to your taste
  • Boil them while mixing well until thick consistence
  • Fill up your cherry marmalade in jars and enjoy.