Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries are one of the few fruits which are both low in calories yet high in terms of nutritional value. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, both the sweet and tart cherries have multiple health benefits if ingested regularly.


Within the skin of the cherry is a pigment called anthocyanin. These pigments are found in other fruits too, but are especially prevalent in the cherry. Anthocyanins have extremely strong anti-oxidants which are particularly effective anti-inflammatory agents. This means that they can aid in pain relief, especially headaches, arthritis, gout and swelling or bruising caused from injury.

There is also research that suggests the tart cherry can also aid in anti-aging, neurological diseases and cancer too. The tart cherry has more concentrated levels of anti-oxidants than the sweet cherry and is also used to help people with insomnia.

Mineral Content

Minerals are important for the blood pressure and general healthiness of the heart and cherries are a source of zinc, iron, copper, potassium and manganese.

Cherries are also a great source of Victamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. These vitamins are vital in keeping healthy skin pigmentation, eyesight and general well-being.

Drinking Cherry Juice

A daily consumption of cherry juice offers multiple benefits long term and short term. The benefits specifically are:

  • Cardiovascular improvement
  • Healthy joints
  • Stronger immune system
  • Brain function improvement
  • Regular sleep pattern
  • Improved recovery time after excercise

As well as these benefits, cherry juice can also fight cancer, gout and arthritis as well as neurological disorders.

The tart cherry is widely regarded as having more to offer in terms of nutritional benefits due to its higher level of anti-oxidants in comparison with the sweet cherry, however this must be offset by the fact that it is generally used in very sweet desserts with high sugar content. The tart cherry isnĀ“t often consumed on its own whereas the sweet cherry is tasty when ingested raw.

Alternative Cherry Uses

Because of its ant-oxidant properties, the cherry is used in skin cream to provide and promote healthy pigmentation, moisture and anti-aging capabilities. Many spa treatments involve use of cherry based moisturisers and the use of it in terms of skin care dates back centuries. It was the Japanese who initially used the cherry as a method to combat aging.

The scent of cherry is also very pleasing although not exactly beneficial to health, but it is used in scented candles and pot pourri.