Cherry Juice for More Relaxed Sleep

Insomnia, or sleeplessness, often affects elderly people but the young and middle-aged can also have this problem. It occurs when the day-night rhythm is disturbed by restlessness, tension, anxiety, depression or a nervous disorder. Whatever the reason, the solution lies in looking for the best and permanent cure for insomnia. Cures for sleeplessness include medical treatments, psychological therapies, herbal treatments or the use of natural products like cherry juice.

Many people opt for conventional medication to help with sleeplessness and rarely think of  using natural products such as cherry juice. One just needs to drink cherry juice in the morning and before going to  bed. The amount taken varies amongst  children and adults. Children should be given 5 to 15 ml per day, while adults can take from 20 ml up to 30 ml.

Tart cherry juice for insomnia is effective because it contains a compound called melatonin which is actually produced by us in darkness to help us to sleep. Melatonin regulates the day/night cycles or the sleep/wake cycles. There are synthetic drugs that contain melatonin, but melatonin naturally occurs in  the tart cherry. Apart from melatonin, tart cherries contain antioxidants such as anthocyanins so they not only give relief to insomnia but also increase the efficiency of the human immune system and make it stronger against microbial invasion.

There are other strategies that should be applied along with the tart cherry juice for sleep. Never use products containing caffeine before going to bed and make sure your room is quiet and well ventilated. . Make the room atmosphere relaxing, and keep it clean and warm.  Never make a habit of watching television before you sleep; it is best if your psyche gets a certain time to calm down. Avoid sleeping pills; what they do is rather numb your mind to being awake. Try to focus on the use of products which have natural substances to stimulate your sleep, like tart cherry juice.