Cherry Juice For Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is taken from the Greek word meaning joint, the word in Latin means inflammation. So Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints in a human body. It can affect the musculoskeletal system and joints and is the main cause of disability in persons over the age of 55 in industrialized countries.

If you have trouble moving, feel frequent pain or stiffness in your body; the cause could be arthritis. Inflamed and swollen joints can suffer great damage if left untreated; you could end up with eye problems, skin and organ problems too. 1 in every 5 American adults (about 50 million people) have been diagnosed with arthritis and this number is only expected to increase as time goes on.

Arthritis is not one single disease, but a condition that has over 100 medical conditions. One of the most common types is Osteoarthritis which usually affects older people; although this can also happen to people from a very early age.

How Does Arthritis Start?

Joints are what allow one bone to move against another bone, ligaments act as elastic bands that hold the joints together and keep bones in the correct place, allowing muscles to relax and contract, making the joint move. So each part works in synergy. Cartilage protects the surface of bones to avoid direct rubbing against each other and allows the joints to flex comfortably without pain.

Each joint is surrounded by a capsule, within the capsule or joint cavity- there is synovial fluid which nourishes and maintains joints and cartilage. Arthritis can start for several different reasons such as lack of synovial fluid, cartilage wearing away, infection, autoimmunity or a combination of these factors.

What are Conventional Ways to Combat Arthritis?

Arthritis has been acknowledged for a long time and one of the best treatments is occupational therapy. An occupational therapist can alter your home and workplace to make them more suitable for you by promoting actions and movements that do not aggravate your condition. This mode of treatment is very effective.

An occupational therapist can help you follow a healthy diet plan and become a better judge of how to manage your condition to the best of your abilities. Splints can be provided for those who suffer from weak hands and wrists.

Physical activity can also improve arthritis symptoms, figuring out a way to exercise that does not aggravate your condition will help combat arthritis by keeping your muscles strong, joints flexible and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. There is also anti-inflammatory medication available that can alleviate pain.

Another popular, natural remedy that has been proven to combat arthritis is the consumption of cherries. Cherry juice for inflammation can be a very cost-effective and easily attainable way to alleviate chronic arthritis pain.

How Does Cherry Juice Combat Athritis?

Tart cherries contain Cox-1 and Cox-2 inhibitors, these are known to block pain signals that are sent to the brain to make it aware that pain is present. At the University of Michigan, a study was conducted on rats; the subjects were all given a high-cherry diet which saw a reduction of inflammation markers up to 50%! The main natural compound responsible for this reduction was anthocyanins.

Combine these test results with many people who will account for the effectiveness of tart cherry juice for arthritis and you have many reasons to give it a try yourself. Tart cherry juice, whole cherries or tart cherry capsules are among the most effective ways to consume the required amount that will help combat arthritis.