Cherry farms to pick quality

There are two months in the year, June and July, when the cherries are ready to be picked. Normally we won’t see any of this. It goes on like the seasons. The cherries are harvested and transported to some places to be made into the products we know. But it would possible for us to participate in the harvesting if we were to visit cherry farms. Picking cherries can be a fun family activity with a few other healthy benefits thereafter.

In season you can literally pick cherries up anywhere, from single or group of trees in unguarded areas to small avenues where they rangeon both sides. It is possible to pick up both tart cherries and sweet cherries, butthe  chances to encounter sweet cherries are rarer, as they are usually pecked at by birds before ripening it’s also likely that someone was there before you. Hence your best bet is to visit cherry farms. Here the cherries have been protected from unwanted parties and now await official “recruitment”.

If you and your family have been to such a place to pick cherries, you know how much fun it can be. Especially for the children it is a trip that cannot be had all year around. Only in these two months can they partake in this exciting experience, when the sun is shining and the weather is generally ideal for outdoor activities. Sighting a bundle of cherries, pondering whether and how to get it, making a plan, reaching out for it and finally holding these red treasures in your hand, all of this is part of the charm that makes picking cherries a popular activity – one that one likes to revisit soon. It is also manifoldly rewarding in that for a small price, much lower than in supermarkets, one can carry home as many of these health-benefiting power shots as possible.

So, where to actually find these farms? You can expect any country who cultivates these little fruits to have gardens that are free to the public. Some of the most notable countries in that regard are Iran, Turkey, Syria (Middle East) and USA. Here your best bet really is to look for information from local sources like friends, word-of-mouth recommendations, street announces, magazine leaflets, bulletin board flyers etc… In the USA there is a city called “The Cherry Capital City of the World”. It is Traverse City in Michigan. It owes its name partly to being the biggest producer of sour cherries in the United States, but it also holds the famous National Cherry Festival since 1925, originally a grand flower viewing event in May. Being that big, it has of course extended its activities way beyond just cherry picking.