Vegetable juice

Spruce up your diet with vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is not as widely consumed in the world as the ever-popular fruit juice. Although fruit juice has many beneficial factors, vegetable juice has even more and does not include high fructose content, making it a healthier option overall. A popular myth is that vegetable juice tastes horrible but there are many combinations to make each vegetable juice drink tasty and healthy!

Popular ingredients for vegetable juice include carrots, spinach, kale, broccoli, beetroot and many more, below is a list of some combinations and their various nutritious health benefits!


Fennel & Turnip Juice

Ingredients- ½ turnip

Three carrots

One apple

¼ fennel bulb

Vital nutrients: Vit A and C, Manganese

Health Benefits: Decreases cholesterol levels, detoxifies liver, prevents kidney stones, reduces risk of cancer, benefits eyesight and prevents cataracts


Asparagus Delight

Asparagus- 4 spears 64g

Carrots- 3 large 216g

Celery- 2 stems 128g

Vital Nutrients: Vit A, B12, B6, C, D, E, k, calcium, iron, copper, folate, magnesium

Health benefits:  Relieves gall bladder stones, soothes dry skin, reduces acne, improves libido, soothes arthritis and reduces inflammation of joints, cleanses your liver


What should I consider when making my own vegetable juice?

  • Remember to enjoy vegetable juice as part of a balanced diet.
  • Include whole vegetables in your diet to guarantee you get the right amounts of fibre.
  • You can have fun experimenting and concocting your own blends and recipes; the possibilities are endless.
  • When you make your own vegetable juice it is a much healthier option than buying it. Vegetable juice that is bought will be pasteurized, sweetened and will possibly contain preservatives to give the product a longer shelf life. Usually, hydrogenated and pasteurized juices have been cooked above 118 centigrade.
  • Choose a juicer or blender that has good reviews and will blend all types of vegetables, remember juicers and blenders are NOT the same!
  • When shopping for fresh vegetables, remember that riper fruit usually has a higher nutritional value than those less ripe.
  • Beet green, parsley, spinach and watercress all make thick juice and due to their strong flavour. It is advisable to combine them with other sweeter vegetables so they are not overpowering to your taste buds.
  • To make the most of the nutrients in your home made vegetable juice; consume within 24 hours of making it.

Remember that healthy eating can be fun and enjoy yourself this summer with your new found love of vegetable juices!