What makes strawberries loved by so many people?

Strawberries are used across the world in many different dishes and to flavour a great number of products. The fruit is easily one of the most recognisable types of fruit and many manufacturers rely on this flavour when making ice creams, candy, desserts, baked goods and much more. In modern society, people even enjoy a few drops of strawberry juice in their glass of champagne to add a new sense of sophistication to their beverages.

Ripe, fresh strawberries offer a very tender-sweet, flesh filled experience for your taste buds and the strawberry flavour can be combined with so many different dishes. As fruit goes it is an all-rounder. They have a lush, full red colour that makes them look appetizing and this only adds to their appeal, everybody loves the colour red!

Anybody for a glass of strawberry juice?

Strawberry juice contains high levels of vitamin C which activates particular proteins in the body to increase production of antioxidants. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system and plays a vital role in our defence against viruses and infections.

Folates and ellagic acid found in strawberry juice are able to prevent cancer development, Vitamin C and ellagic acid work together to protect our internal system against free radicals. Pure strawberry juice and concentrates should be considered by all people looking to keep their health at optimum levels. The high vitamin C content in strawberry juice can boost collagen to keep your skin fresh and young, it can also strengthen the retina and cornea of your eyes and help prevent weak eyesight, short sightedness and cataracts.

Strawberry juice is also great for pregnant women and can help mother and child stay hydrated, ensuring that all systems in the body are working to their full potential and decreasing any health risks during pregnancy. Magnesium, potassium and folates in strawberries can improve the development of strong bones and teeth.

Have you ever heard of phytonutrients? They help prevent inflammatory diseases like arthritis and asthma, strawberry juice has phytonutrients in abundance and regular doses can keep these ailments at bay.

Where in other fluids are strawberries used in?

Because strawberries are such a versatile fruit, you can enjoy them in most beverages! Milkshakes, teas, smoothies, wines, concentrates are all popular ways to enjoy strawberry juice and they taste great in cider too! You can rest assured that this versatile fruit will be around for a long time yet, so sit back and enjoy your strawberries this summer.