Orange Juice

The orange is a very famous fruit which belongs to the Rutaceae family and the species of Citrus fruits. It is believed that oranges were originally from Southeast Asia, in China they were found to be cultivated in 2500 B.C.  Between the late 15th century and the early 16th century orange plants were brought to the Mediterranean area by the merchants of Portugal and Italy. The oranges were then introduced to the American continent by the Spanish merchants in mid 16th century.

Until 1987 orange trees were usually grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas. After that, its cultivation has been widened to milder climate areas. The major producers of oranges are USA and Brazil, which are able to cultivate sweet oranges of high quality. Oranges are used in a variety of food and drinks. The orange juice is worldwide famous for its delicious taste and amazing health benefits. Today, a large variety of oranges are bred with different qualities. The most common and popular kinds of oranges include the Valencia, Berna, Belladonna, Jaffa Orange, Cadanera, Rhode red, Navel oranges.

Pure orange juice is served freshly in any finer restaurants and hotels. Orange juice contains a lot of healthy components like Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, A, zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, chlorine, potassium and phosphorus.  This powerful mix of content makes orange juice a very healthy and amazingly delicious that refreshes instantly. Folic acid is also present in oranges which help with the development of brain. Having listed all that, the orange help against what exactly? Daily intake of orange juice can purify the blood. The magnesium present in plenty amounts prevents high blood pressure. Orange juice is also suggested by doctors in the cases of kidney stones, as the acidic components can wash out these precipitations. The most important benefit associated with orange juice is that it greatly strengthens the immunity system due to the Vitamin C. We all have this in our mind; the orange is practically the symbol for Vitamin C. The anti-oxidants present in the orange also acts as anti-cancer agents in the human body.

Orange juice is a favorable choice in many cocktails and beverages.  It can also be added to desserts, salads and sauces to modify the taste. By having orange in other products, a little refreshing something is added to the flavor. But oranges are also used in many products other than drinks. Like this they can also be found in pan cakes, marmalades, ice creams and a lot of other things.

The closest relatives to oranges in terms of species are the mandarins and pomelos. Here we also have the distinction between sweet and sour fruits. While the sour fruits are not suitable for raw eating, they are actually healthier. Just like lemons and limes, they just have to be used appropriately.