Noni Juice

In the traditional cultures people used the leaves, barks and roots of the noni fruit as food, dye and medicine. The noni fruit tree is native to Southeast Asia and in its neighboring countries like India. It is also found in the Pacific islands, New Zealand, South America and Australia. However it is believed that the noni fruit tree was first cultivated and domesticated by the Polynesian Islanders over 2,000 years ago who use its leaves to milden skins diseases. The noni fruit was initially commercialized by Herbert Moniz – a licensed massager on the Maui Island of Hawaii. He processed the noni fruit into powder with dehydration and grinding. By packing it into capsules in order to hide its slightly unwelcomed odor and taste he was able to introduced the noni fruit to the market in 1992. A few years later the western market started producing noni juice, noni capsules, and other personal care products. Today almost 300 companies are involved in manufacturing and marketing noni juice. Most of the raw material for noni juice and noni products comes from Polynesia and the United States.

The noni fruit contains many health benefits. Plenty are its reports to act as an anti-swelling agent in the human body.  Another widely accepted benefit of organic noni juice is that it helps against malign tumors that could lead up to cancer. This is due to a substance called noni-ppt that is polysaccharide-rich and strengthens the immune system. Another research done by an American bio-chemist proposed that the noni fruit contains xeronine, which is regarded by him as an active component of noni fruit. Due to the presence of this substance the noni fruit juice helps in repairing the cells and it also removes toxics from the cells. It is also good for the diabetic patients as it lowers the glucose level.

All these noni juice benefits are very much important from the health point of view. But if you want to buy noni juice, there is something you need to keep in mind. Its pure taste is perceived by most to be rather repulsive. So the industry has gone a long way to find ways to soften and improve the taste. As it is, there are many companies manufacturing noni juice, and each one of the might handle this issue a little differently. That’s why before you make a big order, try asking for small free samples to see whether it is to your taste. Some big department stores offer noni drinks on their shelves, so there you could pick up your test samples too.

Apart from the noni capsules and noni juice, there are some other organic noni products found in the market. To list a few there are organic noni beauty products, lotions, body treatment creams etc… available in the market. As it is helpful in countering many dysfunctional phenomena like cancer, diabetes, cell damage and kidney problems, so does its importance and demand grow day by day.