Lemon and lime

The lemon and lime are little fruits that come in yellow and green colors. Both of these belong to the same family known as Rutaceae. The fruits that come under the Rutaceae family usually range from herbs, shrubs and small trees. Citrus is the most common and popular genus of this family and the lime and lemon both belong to this genus. The citrus fruits have a sharp, sour taste as they contain citric acid inside. Orange and grapefruit also falls in the same genus. The citrus fruits like lemon and lime are highly beneficial in many aspects especially for the teeth and bones. This is the reason why lime and lemon juice is used in many recipes. Both the lemon and lime are believed to originate from Asia.

The lime and lemon are very popular in the food industry due to the natural qualities present in it. They are used for lemonade, cocktails and other soft drinks. Most of the recipes contain pulp, extract or juice of these fruits. Lemons and limes are used to marinade meat as they enrich the aroma and tenderness of the meat especially in fish and chicken. They are used in pickles, lemon liqueur, marmalades, pancakes, ice-cream, deserts, and are highly considered in garnishing other food.

The citric fruits like lemon and lime both contains high amount of citric acid in it. On industrial as well as domestic level their special acidity is used in fermentation processes. The citrus lemon juice is also used as an agent to remove stains form clothes. Many detergents use lime and lemon juice extracts, exactly on account of its acid levels being able to dissolve much dirt.

There are a lot of health benefits associated with these two sour fruits. Both of them contain very low amounts of fat and calories in it and – the most amazing thing – are completely free of cholesterol. In contrast they have plenty of vitamin A, B6, C, E, K , magnesium, calcium and other essential minerals to offer. The drinks made up of lime and lemon is amazingly refreshing. The use of lemonade in the summer season is quite common in all parts of the world. The lemon juice is effective in removing toxics and precipitates from the bladder and kidney, preventing infections and decreasing the gout-causing uric acid in the human body.

The lemon heal benefits are also quite known. Boiled lemon and lime juice in one glass of water with one spoon honey can cure the sore throat and congestion. A mixture of garlic, honey and lemon juice is even more effective against these little annoyances.