Cranberry juice

Cranberries are usually found in the cooler parts of the world such as Canada and America. They are one of the few fruits grown in North America. In the first time the cranberries were used by the Native Americans in early 1550 as fresh ingredient in bread; they were ground and mashed with cornmeal and altogether baked into bread. Little amount of sugar or honey was also used to sweeten the tangy flavor of the cranberries. Many different species of cranberries are found and cultivated, but the most famous type of cranberry is the “Vaccinium macrocarpon L’’. Yet another type of cranberry which is very popular in Asia is the “Vaccinium microcarpum’’.

The cranberries are a very good source of vitamin C, manganese, fiber and many other important nutrients like phenolic acids, flavonoids, anthocyanin, triterpenoids and proanthocyanidins. All these are the antioxidants, which play multiple roles in the human body, such as reducing inflammation, helping with supporting the immune system, repairing the DNA damage and also providing many other detoxifying functions in the body.

The cranberry juice is quite famous now-a-days among the people due to its benefits. And it would not be wrong to say that the cranberries have become one of the favorite fruits of most of the people on accounts of its properties above and thus the ability to prevent many serious diseases like cancer and UTI (urinary tract infection). The cranberry juice is also highly beneficial to women in pregnancy.

Cranberry juice is served in many restaurants and cafes, but this healthy drink can also be made at home. The procedure for homemade cranberry juice is quite easy and simple.

  • All you need is to boil 600 grams of fresh or frozen cranberries in 6 cups water and reduce it to mesh.
  • Then simply cool it and extract the juice of cranberries.
  • Now add 1 cup of sugar in it and again boil it for about 2 minutes.
  • Let it cool on room temperature before chilling it the fridge to keep it longer.

This organic cranberry juice will maintain all the health benefits associated with cranberries. Experts have recommended that individuals take one to three glasses of cranberry juice per day in order to gain the benefits of the cranberyy. Some of the clinical studies have also shown that by doing this can lower the risk of heart attacks to 30%-35%.

To recap the health benefits of cranberries, they are famous for their anti-bacterial properties, anti-cancer and glycemic response. The cranberry juice is also sometimes used for weight lose purposes as it contains a high amount of fibers, zero cholesterol, and 0.1 grams of total fat which makes it a very low fat juice. Other than juices, cranberries are used to make jams, sauces and are also used in many other baked products.