Apricot juice

Stand aside peaches, here comes the apricot!

Apricots are considered a delicacy in many countries and this small golden fruit originates from China, apricots were later introduced to the Americas and Europe. Since then they have been widely popular, known for their plump freshness, good taste and delicious texture. Combined with a colourful orange tint, apricots look like they have been kissed by the sun itself!

North America was slightly behind on the times and did not begin to appreciate the apricot until 1792, when Virginia began to cultivate apricot trees with inspiration from Armenia.

What nutritional benefits does apricot juice have?

Apricot juice and other apricot drinks are a rich source of antioxidants that will aid and maintain the natural function of your body. The more antioxidants you consume, the less toxins you will have in your system.

Apricots can also improve your eye sight, with just one serving of apricot juice per day! Apricots can strengthen our optic nerves and delay loss of sight in older people. They can also prevent anaemia due to the high iron content in them, iron fortifies our levels of red blood cell production and helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

They are such a great fruit because they have similar qualities to the more commonly known apple, which is considered a super food.

What are the other benefits of apricots?

Apricots belong to the same family as peaches, pears and apples. They are sweet and juicy, with a faint, lingering tartness. Besides being known for their great taste they have many other beneficial qualities.

Apricot kernels are used to make many products including cooking oil; apricot kernel oil is similar to sunflower oil and can be cooked at very high temperatures. The same oil is used for hair and beauty products too.

Other Apricot products-Hair, skin care and aromatherapy

Apricot kernel oil is great for treating dry hair and can get rid of split ends and bring back some shine to your locks of hair. IT is often added to conditioners and shampoos and is regarded as a great way to treat scalpel irritation and promote hair growth. Apricot kernels are also used to blend other essential oils such as sandalwood and lavender, the three combined make a great massage oil.

Apricot oil is recognised as a natural moisturizer and can hydrate worn, dry skin. IT is even used to treat sunburn, eczema, psoriasis and razor burn.