Apple juice

Why are apples known as a super food?

Apples are probably one of the first items that springs to mind when somebody mentions fruit; they are synonymous with the word and because apples are such a well-known fruit across the globe, it is common knowledge of how great their nutritional value really is.

Just like the saying goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Apples are notable for their extensive list of photo nutrients and anti-oxidants. Research has shown that these are essential for growth, wellbeing and development of the human body.

Apple health benefits don’t end there, they are low in calories and contain no cholesterol or saturated fats. High in fibre and can help discourage the digestion of bad cholesterol in the gut. The fibre provided from an apple also protects our colons from toxic substances that can cause cancer. Many people who enjoy consuming apples drink a lot of apple juice, which has just as many nutritional advantages.

What about the nutritional content of an apple?

Apple juice is a good source of vitamin C, which is known to boost our immune system and provide resistance against infections, free radicals and viruses. They also contain B vitamins such as thiamine, pyridoxine and riboflavin, these enzymes help regulate normal function of the body’s metabolism. You can find minerals like potassium, phosphorus and calcium in apples; potassium regulates the heart and keeps blood pressure levels normal, counteracting the unwanted effects of sodium.

What are the most popular apple drinks?

There are many different types of apples that are used to make apple drinks. The two most common types of apple drinks are juice and cider.

To make cider, the apples are cut and ground until mashed into a similar consistency of apple sauce. They are then layered onto cloths and placed in wooden racks; a hydraulic pressing machine will then squeezes the layers so juice is extracted and stored in refrigerated tanks. The juice is then bottled as apple cider.

Apple juice is liquidised and filtered to remove cores, pips and solids. The remains are pasteurized to keep them fresh. Further filtering is often carried out along with vacuum sealing to prolong the shelf life of the apple drink.

Apple cider is considered a better source of nutrition as it is usually served fresh and is processed less, the advantage of apple juice is it lasts much longer. Whichever you go for, you can be sure it is going to taste great!