An Introduction To Cherries

A History of the Cherry

Cherries have been eaten since prehistoric times, when the cherry tree was native to parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. It is recorded that the first cultivated cherry was brought to Rome from modern day Turkey in 72BC by Lucius Licinius Lucullus.

Species of Cherry

The most common cherries are the sweet cherry and the sour cherry, which are commonly eaten as fruit and also used in cooking. There are many more species of cherry trees which are not commercially cultivated because they bear cherries which are not edible or are not commonly consumed. Over fifty cherry varieties are known bearing a wide variety of cherries such as the grey-leaf cherry, the Japanese bird cherry, the Catalina Island cherry and the Takeshima flowering cherry.

Cherry Activities

Wild cherry trees are very beautiful and bloom with different varieties of flower. Many people take part in cherry flower viewing as a leisure activity, taking photos of their favourite kinds. It is also a fun family activity to plant a cherry tree in the garden and watch it grow and bear fruit year after year.

Cherry Wood

The wood from a cherry tree has a reputation for being a good all-round wood when used for furniture. It is stable, ages well and offers good value for money. The close and straight grain of cherry wood makes it easy to work with and is commonly used for cabinet work, flooring and veneer. The colour of cherry wood when first cut is a very pale brown, but this colour deepens to a rich golden brown over time or with lots of exposure to natural light. It is also possible to stain cherry wood to any colour you wish, enabling it to match any current colour scheme used in other furniture or interior design in your home.

How To Use Cherry Fruit

Cherry fruit is a popular ingredient in desserts with recipes such as cheesecake, ice cream and pie all calling for fresh or frozen cherries. Cherries are a deep scarlet colour which can add a vibrant look to food and a strong distinct flavour. Cherries are also great as a healthy option because they add a great flavour to rather bland foods such as yogurt or cereal. Cherries can be eaten as a snack on their own or as a dried fruit baked amongst granola bars or flapjacks for a healthy choice. The fruit juice of a cherry is very tasty and you can buy it pre-made or make your own in a juicer machine. For a more luxurious option, put cherries in a blender with ice to make a cherry smoothie.

Cherries For Health

Cherries offer many health benefits which is why they are frequently found in health foods. Cherry juice is particularly beneficial because it has 17 anti-oxidants found in the juice. These anti-oxidants work to repair our bodies and also help to ward off signs of aging. Cherries are one of the most potent anti-oxidant fruits and it’s juice is one of the purest ways to get these into your system.